Simpsons Predict Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

A direct reference to what happened to kobe. The simpsons predicted kobe s helicopter.

Simpsons Knew Kobe Bryant S Death Filming

A clip from a 2015 episode of the comedy series the legends of chamberlain heights which predicted nba star kobe bryant s helicopter crash is making the rounds on social media as millions mourn.

Simpsons predict kobe bryant helicopter crash. Fans are claiming the simpsons predicted the. Ritual kobe bryant helicopter crash was predicted in the simpson s buy comedy central. Please pray for the family of the victims of this tragic helicopter crash.

Rip to kobe bryant to his daughter and all the victims of the helicopter crash. Kobe bryant helicopter crash footage and prediction by the simpsons 2017 episode. Gamespot universe recommended for you.

They do not want this episode getting out. The simpsons has released an episode of kobe s helicopter crash years before it happens. Kobe bryant on shaq drama raising four daughters.

15 times the simpsons predicted the future duration. Link to watch full episodes. Is a link to kobe bryant s fatal helicopter crash which killed the basketballer and his daughter.

This whole thing has gotten so out of hand that tinfoil hat wearers have claimed that an episode of the cartoon legends of chamberlain heights outright predicted kobe bryant. Between the osaka flu and coronavirus link and somehow connecting the helicopter scene to what happened to kobe it goes without saying that conspiracy theorists have been having a field day with simpsons predictions. People believe cartoons predicted kobe bryant s death coronavirus comedy central pulled a 2016 clip that depicts bryant dying in a helicopter crash.

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